What Happened to Kanye West with GAP and Adidas?
Has the war subsided? The conflict between West and Adidas was first acknowledged when he called out Adidas’ Adilette 22 slide sandals design which he’s convinced were the direct copy of his Yeezy slides (Chris Saunders, 2022). However, the post was immediately deleted not long after it was posted. Things were quiet until West went back into Instagram and turned up the heat with Adidas when Yeezy day was held and Adidas sneakers were released.

Kanye threw several accusations against Adidas and many audiences on social media commented and voiced their opinion. Not much difference with Adidas, GAP also had a beef with Kanye concerning Yeezy. There is an accusation that GAP made a design that replicated Yeezy and their collaboration. The heat continued until the 9th of September, Ye announced to end the war to honor Queen Elizabeth II’s passing (Raphael Helfand, 2022).

Unfortunately, that did not last long as he was back and declared to terminate Yeezy’s collaboration with Adidas and GAP. Knowing this circumstance between Kanye with Adidas and GAP, it is best to know about Intellectual property rights and protect ourselves from being backlashed. Intellectual property rights can be defined as ideas, inventions, and creative expressions that are acknowledged publicly of the status. Therefore, awareness of the importance of Intellectual property rights to avoid this kind of conflict in the future.



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