About Senyawa

SENYAWA is a multidisciplinary collective, that focuses on Branding as a whole, which loves creating big things ier great minds.

We construct and design ideas that influences humans, relationships, and builds business through creative minded and collaborative teamwork.

Using our hard-wired, and proven holistic approach, and our in-house, specialized skills, we do combines all methods, both conventional and modern methods to communicate the comprehensive elements of a brand. Together, let’s stand out of the crowd, cause we are one Baceway, reshaped, to make you & your brands matter.

By acknowledging that beating the ordinary is our extraordinary thing that we always do to all of our projects, we have reached our clients trusts to solve their needs & provide intuitive Branding solutions more then just a design, but a powerrul brand ecosystem ae a whole to understand what truly matters – Human connections.


Brand Manifesto

Dreams can sometimes make you sleepless, Maybe making you less content. Whether you are agitated or excited, Senyawa can help you realize it and make you sleep better. We are here to help you build your cream businesses, because #DreamDoesHappen.

People Behind Senyawa

M. Ammar Alphadiar

Chief Executive Officer

Alang Mahesa

Chief Operating Officer

Bramantya Ajie Indriawan

Head of Corporate Affair

Rai Ilham Subekti

Head of Creative

M. Fadil Daffa Usamah

Head of Account & Sales

Janardana Diwandya

Brand Strategist Intern

Rizkya Damayanti

Graphic Designer

Vanessa Marsha

Graphic Designer

Vina Ramadhani

Account Executive


Creating a clear identity of your business is nescessary to be recognized as a strong and positive impact. In order to achieve that, we provide list of solutions just for you.

Brand Development
Brand Activation
Brand Anthropology
Brand Architecture
Brand Audit
Brand Campaign
Brand Identity
Brand Manuals & Guideline
Brand Naming & Tagline
Brand Positioning
Brand Research
Brand Planning
Communication Strategy
Employee Branding
Luxury Branding
Consumer Branding
Destination Branding


Good communication is a luxury that some people could not afford. We can help you to achieve that.

Marketing Strategy
Service Marketing Strategic
Strategic Planning
TV Ads, Print, Radio
Marketing Campaign
Strategic Copywriting
Activation / Engagement
Media Planning/Buying
Community Marketing
Consumer Co-Creation
Social Media
Content Creation


isualization of the concept and vision of your brand can be implementated im any forms. You can deliver messages by generating designs.

Graphic Standard Manual
Company Profile
Annual Reports
Marketing / Corporate Collaterals
Brochures / Flyers / Catalogues
Ilustrations / lconography
Animation / Motion Graphics
UI/UX Design & Website
Mobile Apps Design Creation