How sponsorship and earned media became Redbull’s success story
Conventional Advertising is commonly used by brands all over the world. However, unlike regular brands, RedBull, one of the biggest energy drink brands in the world, decided to use unconventional methods instead, such as sponsorships and earned media. RedBull believed that sports sponsorships and earned media were the way to go as most sporting events are covered and displayed on television allowing them to increase their audience and hence increase its brand awareness.As we all know, RedBull identifies itself as a brand that associates with exciting, action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled sporting action hence their involvement with extreme sports. These extreme sports include Formula 1, Rugby, Mountain Bike Downhill, Snowboard Slopestyle and many more (Sam Few & Adam Payne, 2019). RedBull then chooses athletes from these sports to sponsor which means their merchandise would have RedBull logos on them. This allows fans that buy said merchandise to see the RedBull logo and would be convinced that these athletes are able to do these extreme sports through the help of RedBull. Since these people are fans of the sport, they are more likely to enjoy doing the activities that their idol athletes are doing, eventually they would buy RedBull as well and drink it while doing their activities and also telling people around them. This is exactly what RedBull hopes for, free brand advocates.These days, with the increase of influencers in social media, unconventional advertising such as sponsorships being done are very crucial to brands. What RedBull has done with athletes and sports have paved the way for many other brands to follow and learn from. So have some of you already tried this? Or do you have other tactics in mind? Share your thoughts with us!



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