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Have you ever heard of touchpoints? Marketing touch points can be called as the methods businesses apply to share information with their customers (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021). Customers can interact with a firm, product, service, salesperson, or other things at these different points of contact. These touchpoint engagements generate data that may be used to further corporate goals. Customer touchpoints are crucial as they may affect a number of variables linked to sales, customer satisfaction, and brand identification.Implementing touchpoints correctly does matter. Marketing strategy matters. Trust, worth, sincerity, and reputation draw customers and help in securing a relationship (Tabitha Jean Naylor, 2018). At various stages of the customer journey, you may take activities that "touch" your customers in some way. Depending on the characteristics of your brand, you may have several touchpoints over a long sales funnel or you may just have one or two opportunities to connect with customers and build a lasting connection. How well you maximize each touchpoint opportunity is more important than how many you have. When it comes to branding, that means differentiating yourself at every chance for a touchpoint.An excellent example of a company that uses a unique touchpoint in branding is Pocari Sweat. As you might have seen, When there is a marathon or a sports event, Pocari sweat always try to make their brand related to be the drink that we should take after running, jogging, or any sports. Although they still utilize online advertising such as TV Commercials, they still approach their customer through these touchpoints of building a brand with value.



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