How Uniqlo stick with their collaborations with Manga
Uniqlo was ranked first among Asian fashion retailers in 2015, being one of Asia's leading fashion brand from JapanHow has Uniqlo achieved their financial success? Is it based on creative activities and strategic business planning, or are there any other influential factor such as collaborations?Uniqlo has collaborated with numerous brands to expand their market to achieve their current financial success. One of their most famous collaborations are those with Anime and Manga series.Animes and Manga series are one of the most successful entertainment industry in Japan with fans from all types of genders and age groups, which could help with Uniqlo in expanding their market.

Since their first collaboration, Uniqlo realized that collaboration with Anime definitely increases their markets that leads to long waiting lines and anticipations from both Uniqlo and Anime fans after every collaboration announcement are announced. It’s safe to say that this partnership will last for a long time as it is beneficial to both parties in increasing both the markets of Manga and Uniqlo. So, what do you think of their collaborations?



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